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Before You

We Are Heirs

Before You was created as a heartfelt and uplifting worship song from the perspective of someone who feels vulnerable and humbled in their life. It is a reminder of how God can use even the most difficult situations to bring us to a posture of repentance before Him.

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We Are Heirs

“Forgiven” is a declaration of victory over sin in our lives because we have been transformed by the sacrificial love of Jesus. It is a reminder that Jesus has set us free from the power of sin, no matter how deep our hurt, how heavy our shame, or how great our failures. He has given us victory because we are forgiven in Him.

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We Are Heirs exists to create powerful, engaging, and gospel-centered worship music that magnifies the glory and splendor of God and draws us into His presence. 


We are active worship leaders who love seeing fellow believers being able to affirm and be moved by the truths of Scripture through song. We believe that musical expression is a gift from God through which we can glorify Him and experience his presence. We hope that through our music you will be encouraged, inspired, and ultimately drawn to Christ. 


We are currently working on a new collection of songs that we are very excited about, and we need your help to make this dream become a reality! We hope to take our project to a new level - more details to come! For now, please subscribe to our mailing list and share our music with your friends to get the word out!



Forgiven Chord Chart for Forgiven
Copyright Eric Defend
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Awaken Me Chord Chart for Awaken Me
Copyright Eric Defend
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Hope In You Chord Chart for Hope In You
Copyright Eric Defend
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In Your Ways Chord Chart for In Your Ways
Copyright Eric Defend
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